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2. March, 2016

4POINT 14 review in HIFI + magazine March 2016 # 133

HIFI + March issue #133

Roy Gregory wrote:

"Kuzma 4Point-14 inches of pleasure"

"...the 4Point 14 might just be the best arm out there, and in a world where arms can now cost close to 30.000 GBP it represents great value."

"In simplest possible terms,each of the cartridges used sounded like a bigger, better version of itself........ as a result , you heard less system and a lot more music"

"Put a 4Point 14 in your system and sit back as your speakers apparently expand in size ( at the same time as they disappear), your cartridge grows in power, and the musicians on your records don't just wake up, they decided that today is the day."

"Until you hear an arm like the 14 you have no idea just how audible and impact your tonearm is having."




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