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Stabi M

Stabi M

This is a modern turntable designed in a classic turntable style with the emphasis on providing the best possible record playback.
The turntable’s size allows even 12 inch tonearms to be mounted and covered with its massive acrylic dust cover on spring hinges. The dust cover is constructed not to pick up any vibration from loud music.
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The new zero-play bearing is configured on 4 points. The 4POINT tonearm has an effective length of 280mm (11-inch), a very precise VTA adjustment facility and fits our standard mount with a 212mm pivot-to-spindle distance. The heart of this new design is the unique 4-point bearing.
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Stabi R is a very compact flexible turntable made from a solid block of aluminium with an internal (built in) electronic power supply. Drive is provided through a DC motor and stiff belt.
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Stabi R & options

Stabi R is a very compact turntable made from a solid block of aluminium with an internal (built in) electronic power supply. Drive is provided through a DC motor and a proprietary, non flexible drive belt. The main platter is a constrained sandwich design consisting of three layers ( aluminium – acrylic - aluminium) in order to minimise vibration and maximise the damping effect of the platter itself and that of the LP. The ruby ball minimises friction and noise within the thrust bearing and is supported on a special low noise compound material. One of the crucial design features of the...

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190930: Kuzma Stabi S with 4Point 9 and CAR 40 review in HIFI+ Sep 2019 # 175 by A. Sircom: Link.

" are forgiven for thinking you are listening to something closer to 15.000 GBP or more."

System total price 8.150 GBP


180926: World exclusive: Stabi R turntable in HIFI + October 2018/#164 by A. Sircom: ...know that the Stabi R comes from a very different place, one that goes for naturalness of sound, and follows the ethos laid down by the late Harry Pearson decades before Kuzma made its first turntable. You feel drawn to well-recorded, unamplified sounds in a natural acoustic, hence the reaching for those ancient Proprius recording. The Stabi R has the power to shock, as long as your records are up to the task. See review: Link

Comment: H. Pearson founder/editor of TAS magazine


180831: Kuzma CAR 60 cartridge review in HIFI + in August  2018  issue #162 by R. Gregory- Front cover: " Is this the world's best cartridge?"


180510: Kuzma 4Point 9 tonearm was just reviewed in Stereophile June's issue 41/6-2018 by M. Fremer.


180115: Kuzma 4Point 9 tonearm review in HIFI + in Jan 2018 by A. Sircom: "Kuzma's new 4Point- the best tonearm ever?"


Kuzma Stabi M turntable with 4Point 14 tonearm was reviewed in Stereophile(# 39/11: 2016) by M. Fremer. 


Kuzma 4Point 14 inch tonearm was reviewed in HIFI PLUS  #133/2016 March issue by Roy Gregory.


Kuzma Stabi XL DC kit was reviewed in HIFI PLUS #124/2015 June issue by Roy Gregory.


Kuzma Stabi M turntable  with 4Point tonearm  and Kuzma CAR 50  cartridge review is published in HIFI+ magazine December 2014, issue # 118.


Kuzma Stabi M turntable with 4Point tonearm and Kuzma CAR 40 cartridge review is in The Absolute Sound  December 2014, issue # 248.


KUZMA  MC cartridge CAR- 20 - First review in HIFI PLUS #110 ( April 2014)

Roy Gregory  finishes first review of Kuzma  CAR-20  cartridge ( our entry level) in HIFI+ magazine  with these words: " ......once heard, nothing else at the price is going to come close."



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