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20. May, 2013

HIFILIVE-SPAIN May 2013 Stabi M review


If I had to describe the Stabi "M" with a word, that would be neutral, because this turntable is known for its loyalty to the recording, do not add anything, do not sweetens the top, does not exaggerate the bass, no color, nothing, offers everything as it was recorded.

Of course, like any good component of elite needs companions who will match both with regard to the arm and capsule as the rest of the team, in this regard I must say that with the associated components for the time the sound is impressive. More can not be said, a turntable of classic look with a very robust construction, technically perfect, natural-sounding shown absolutely faithful to the recording. Remarkable restoration of the soundstage, always accurate the location of the instruments, with a clear perception of the emission points, simply spectacular.



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