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14. April, 2016

KAA 2016- Kuzma Analog Academy was sucesfully finished with 21 diplomas from 11 countries-see entry from 2017

KAA 2016- Guests

KAA 2016 was  from 7-10th of April. Resume was this:

23 distributors and dealers from 10 countries

2 audio reviewers from 2 countries

2 lectures : Franc Kuzma  and Roy Gregory

21 diplomas was given

Besides lectures was possible to practically set up all our turntables and tonearms, ask questions, talk with reviewers  or distributors and dealers from 4 continents.

We have great dinners and very good relaxed time.

New 2017: See text and photols about KAA 2016 written by our  visitor from Australia in 2017: link

See reports and some photos at Mono and Stereo


Factory tour

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Or special good health wishes goes to our three guests from Poland who has a car accident nerby Wiena on the way to us. They need it medical help, but they went home and now  are OK, but car was for scrap.



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