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12. November, 2014

KUZMA STABI M +4POINT+CAR 40 review in December issue TAS #248 ( The Absolute Sound) 2014

TAS  # 248- DEC 2014: turntable KUZMA Stabi M+tonearm 4Point+cartridge CAR 40


Paul Seydor:

".....M is clearly a 21st century machine when it comes to engineering and thinking."


"...a magnificent contemporary updating of traditional vinyl engineering and design that will bring  you years of musical enjoyment, an instrument so soundly and solidly built and- dare I say?-so timelessly designed that I expect your grandchildren will still be enjoying it and happy you bequeathed it to them."


PS: Look for Stabi  M+4Point+ CAR 50  review in forthcoming HIFI plus magazine by R. Gregory

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