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4. January, 2018

Tonearm Kuzma 4Point 9 review in HIFI +: Jan 2018: "The best tonearm ever?"

4Point 9 Kuzma tonearm

Front page : Kuzma's new 4Point- the best tonearm ever? Link!

-"The Kuzma arm gets out of the way so well it makes good cartridges sound better, and really good cartridges sound fantastic!"

-"With no offset VTA tower, the 4Point9 takes up no more space and adds not much significant mass than any other 9inch tonearm".

..., it suddenly becomes throws the sonic limitations of convenional unipivot and gimballed-bearing tonearms into sharp focus. It also brings the absolute top-end of tonearm design down to a far wider audience."


"Highly recommended, and a new reference point irrespective of cost-this might just be the best arm you can buy today."


A. Sircom.

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