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6. February, 2013

STABI M - First review in HIFI PLUS #96

Alan Sircom's finishes first review of Stabi M turntable in latest edition ( #96) of HIFI+ magazine  with these words:  "... the end result is like getting the keys to every studio control room in history."

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A.S. comment on sound:          .....  "More than this though, the two words that punch through the whole review are ‘master tape’. OK, so on many recent recordings that should be ‘Hard Disk’, but it just doesn’t have the same impact. This presents vinyl with the kind of precision one would normally find when invited to listen to a freshly minted master tape. It was like the pressing plant and all the stages between tape and ear had been swept aside."
There is also an interview with Franc Kuzma in the same issue if HIFI+ magazine with the title: Meet Your Maker: Franc Kuzma – turntable expert


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