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FAQ & Tips

General  answers  about  various  aspects  of  vinyl  reproduction and specific answers relating to Kuzma products. For even more details contact us with email. Check also "tips".

Not available FAQ  yet: Stabi M, Stabi XL DC, CAR, 4Point 14, 4P9,Stabi R.

See also KAA 2016 ( Kuzma Analog Academy 2016- related to tone arm and cartridge set ups). 

More information about precise set up of cartridge& tonearm combos




Belt and runing surfaces cleaning: use water and mild kitchen washing liquid!!!



Questions related to specific Kuzma products: Last time FAQ updated 160101- see also downloads for more information


Each section contains questions & answers in following way:

  • X.XX1XX descriptions
  • X.XX2XX setting up
  • X.XX3XX maintenances
  • X.XX4XX upgrading& extras
  • X.XX5XX servicing

Also check the Instruction manuals on the technical pages of  this site. Bear in mind that  these FAQ might not be the most up-to-date versions.

When you  ask specific technical questions, please give the serial number of the product and the history of the product, so that we can easily decide which parts are needed and  find the solution to your problem.

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