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Thank you for purchasing Kuzma products. Kuzma products have a non transferable  2 year limited warranty on parts and labour varied  by dealer/distributor in a specific country. 

SERVICE: First contact your dealer or distributor in your country and then us if necessary. Please fill form and attach it with product: Service Return Form


To achieve 5 years*  limited warranty from us, you need to register new product on our web site within 30 days of purchase ( receiving product). We might need to request  proof of purchase.
We suggest  you register products in any case because this will also help  should you resell the product.

Simply register on our web site and  fill in the  forms and you  will receive an extended warranty card on your email. But if you bought ex demo unit,give wrong information you can not get extended warranty period!

NOTE: Confirmed registered Warranty Extension can be void if we later discover that supplied data for specific product is not fulfilling warranty extension  criteria!

Please be sure that your email will be valid address to receive attachment. If you do not get reply from us in 2 -3 weeks then contact us directly on our email.

* not valid for Air Line's air supply parts.

* not valid for purchase of ex demo products.

* not valid for all parts.

* not valid for all cartridges parts.


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