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Kuzma mat

We use Kuzma standard mat on all our turntables.

Product photos:

It is 1,2 mm thick and it is glued on the platter- but it can be peeled off and then fixed back.

Mat replacement:

1. Please fit mat as soon as possible.

2. Peel off old mat and check platter surface for  possible glue remains. Clean surface with isoproply alcohol if required.

3. Remove   protective non stick paper from the  glued side of the mat  and fit the mat on the platter  like a record. Keep 
    paper on the  record side of the mat.

4. Flatten the mat gently with hands over protective paper on platter.

5. Remove platter from turntable and  apply  stronger pressure on the paper.

6. With fingers firmly  push down  the centre of the mat area.  Or  use a hard rounded smooth stick – like rounded 
    screwdriver handle-and push down on the mat   in circular motions  The centre of the mat should be recessed  for about 
     a 1 mm .

7.  Push down mat harder on the platter. If  you have rolling pin or  metal roller for  wall paper fitting use it carefully by 
     rolling over   the mat.

8.  You can load the mat with a clamp,  books  or turn platter   upside down on flat clean surface  and leave it for  4-6 

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