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PLATIS 54 & 65

PLATIS 54 and PLATIS 65 are passive isolation platforms to minimase any vibrations reaching any audio components. Base frame is made from solid aluminium supported by adjustable feet. Top supporting plate is hard laminated plate reinforced with solid aluminium plate. You can also just purchase top plate( hard laminated  plate only).

Upper plate and lower frame are separated by multi layer silicone & aluminium dampers which filter vibration in audible range.  See DEWESOFT  graph photo measured with DEWESOFT system:

DEWESOFT  X DSA vibration system- modal hammer test

YELLOW GRAPH- vibration on audio  component

RED GRAPH- vibration on audio component isolated by PLATIS 54

M. Fremer's video from Munchen show-    watch from 27 minute onwards MF talks to Franc Kuzma about Platis and vibrations


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Product photos:

PLATIS 54 -  black or silver option PLATIS 65 - corner PLATIS 65 - black or silver option DEWESOFT  PLATIS 54 vibration test:
Yellow - vibration level on component
Red- vibration level on component- PLATIS 54 isolation

See more information on brochure Black or silver finish by order
SIZE 500 x 400 x 60 mm
MASS 13 kg
LOADING Max 90 kg
SIZE 600 x 500 x 60 mm
MASS 19 kg
LOADING Max 120 kg

See more information on brochure:


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