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Damper Feet

Damper isolation feet can  be used under any audio component in order to filter  structual  vibrations as well  also acting as noise  filter suppressors for vibrations generated by the component itself. They are sold in sets of 3 or 4 pcs.

The  top and bottom cups are machined from a solid aluminium plate.

The cups are separated with multi layered silicone& aluminum  dampers which filters  vibrations up to 3000 Hz.  Dampers are simply positioned under any audio component either under metal plate, spike or under rubber feet.

If audio component has off  centre of gravity, reposition dampers acordingly. There is no leveling adjustment in dampers. Lower cup has rubber ring inserted to minimise sliping- but it can be removed. For higher load just add more dampers.

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Technical data for one damper
Size D= 67 mm, H= 24 mm ( no load)
Load per damper 0 - 20 kg
Set 3 max 60 kg
Set 4 max 80 kg


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