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CAR 60

Our top MC cartridge  CAR 60 is fitted with diamond cantilever

Latest Reviews:

HIFI+ UK  August 2018   #162: Rog Gregory reviewed Kuzma CAR 60 cartridge and front cover said: Is this world's best cartridge?  .... "the CAR 60 does not just bring the musicians to life, it allows the music to breathe and communicate, engage, and seduce. Beacuse that is what makes the CAR 60 special: you do  not hear IT beacuse you hear the performance; it's not about sonics, it's all about music." Full review in pdf

Stereophile March& April 2018- listed in class A components. M. Fremer wrote:

"Tonally, the KUZMA CAR -60 was as neutral-sounding a cartridge as you'll find.It was neither tipped up nor rolled off on top, and its bottom-end extension and resolution of low-level detail were what you should expect from a cartridge costing in excess of 10,000$."

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