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4Point 9

4Point 9  is shorter version of 4Point tonearm. Due its 9 inch  lenght and lack of VTA tower  makes this tonearm lighter and smaller thus capable of  fitting on most suspended turntables.

All 4P9 has sapphire/ruby cup bearings  fitted  since its introduction and  all 4P11 and 4P14 since July 1st 2018.

Spare parts:

4P9 headshell
4P9 headshell

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Product photos:

4P9 on Linn LP12 4Point 9  on latest Luxman 4P9 headshell- 3 dots

Effective lenght 229 mm
Arm mount distance 212 mm
Spindle to pivot distance 212 mm
Bearing type 4 points (sapphire-transparent / ruby-red cups / steel pivots-see modification note for 4P11 or 4P14)
Effective mass 13 g
Total mass 920 g
Offset angle 23 deg
VTA adjustment Yes
Azimuth Worm drive
Tube Conical
Bias Yes
Max cartridge mass 35 g
Damping No
Detachable headshell Yes ( three dots)
Arm mount Kuzma
Standard wiring Silver
Accessories Yes
Optional wiring Yes
Optional connectors XLR,5 Pin
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